Frequently Asked Questions


Original Artwork


"How long do they take?"


The time it takes to complete an original depends on a number of factors; e.g. subject, medium, size and complexity. I use different mediums to suit the subject I am working on for instance, wildlife would be pastel and aviation could be graphite or acrylic.  The medium I use really does make a difference in the time it takes to complete a piece, but as a rule a painting will take much longer to complete than a drawing would. I like to allow a minimum of 4/5 weeks to complete an original drawing but I do request that my clients are flexible with their deadlines where possible or provide me with as much notice as possible.


"Is a deposit required?"


Yes, a small deposit of 20% of the final cost is required before I start a piece of work.  This deposit is non-refundable as once it has been paid, I will begin to work on your personalised commission.


"How much does it cost?"


This depends on the; subject, medium, size and complexity. I will be able to give you an idea of cost when we first discuss your ideas.


How can I buy an original or a print?


Originals and prints are available to buy directly from me or from Martock Gallery, you can use the contact button to get in touch with me or you can follow the link to Martock Gallery to buy through them.




"What is a Giclée print?"


The word Giclée ("zhee-klay"), Giclée, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining pigment based inks with high quality archival quality paper to achieve Giclée prints of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability.


"Are prints signed and numbered by the artist?"


Yes all prints limited or otherwise are signed and/or numbered by the artist.