How do I buy an original?

You can purchase an original at Martock Gallery via the link or directly through me.


Lightining F2.A 92 Squadron

Oil on board



Royal Navy Phantoms intercept a Russian TU-95 

Oil on Board



Tornado and crew

Graphite A3



Tomcat flyby

Oil 16" x 16"


First launch of the day

Oil 16" x 16"


"Siberian Fury" Pastel painting of a Siberian Tiger

Pastel 16" x 23"

£850 Framed


"Heart of the Jungle"

"The heart of the Jungle" 23" x 16" pastel painting 



Pastel painting 30" x 23"

£595 Framed


"Foxy Lady"

Oil painting on canvas 22" x 18"


 "Lynx HMA.8"

Graphite Drawing A3  21" x 17"

£275 Framed

"Lightning Bolt" depicts a Lightning XS897 of 56 Squadron powering out of RAF Wattisham

Acrylic  29.5" x 20"


"Through the Pass" A RAF Harrier GR7 low level through the M6 pass

Acrylic  22" x 18"

£300 Unframed